What a sight!

I am 12w3d today and I got to see my baby today! I opted to do the scan and blood work to check for downs. So today i got to watch my baby move around for a good 30 minutes while the ultrasound tech was taking all kinds of measurements. The doctor said my scan looked great, but i will get the official result after the blood work at 16w. The baby was kicking its legs and shaking its head side to side. Seriously, mind blowing to see this moving baby inside me and not be able to feel it at all! Crazy!

Now that I am into the second trimester, my all day nausea is gone and my severe exhaustion is also gone. What a freaking relief!!! I am still belching all day, but I’d rather have the belching over nausea, for sure.

I have been trying to decided if I wanted to do the blood test from Sneak Peek to find out the gender or if I wanted to just wait it out for the 20w scan. I have decided to wait for the scan! I think it will be exciting to see on the screen, maybe ask my mom and dad to come with. Make it a little special! Also, if you have heard of www.sneakpeek.com you should check them out! You can order their test, give them a little bit of blood from a finger prick and they can tell you (with 99% accuracy) the sex of you baby as early as 9 weeks!

I am happy and feeling so good! Here is to feeling good for the next 3 months.

So many props

I honestly have been so blessed to be surrounded by so many supportive and positive people. Everyone I see is so happy to give me a huge congratulations and have nothing but kind words of support to offer. It is great to know I am loved!

Just feeling thankful, blessed and loved. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

The most wonderful sound

Last week I had my very first ultrasound at 6w3d. I got the first glimpse of the little tiny group of cells that magically came together to make a baby. It was awesome, I loved it, but it was so tiny and didn’t look like much. At this scan my doctor told me its measuring right on schedule and the heartbeat was 130.

Then yesterday I had a second ultrasound, 7w3d and WOW! in 1 week time my little baby has grown so much, looks like a baby instead of a blob!

The doctor told me baby is measuring bigger (7w6d), but since we know the date I conceived the due date will stay the same. The babe looks like a little Lima bean and the heartbeat at this scan was 163! The doctor also said the cord looked great and everything looks wonderful. I am just so over the moon and in love!

I cant stop listening to babes heartbeat! So amazing and just the sweetest sound. โคโคโคโค


Man, this last two weeks has kind of been a rollercoaster! One day I am so exhausted I can barely keep my eyes open. The next, I feel great! Throughout the day I feel grouchy, happy, sad… the list of emotions goes on. I belch all day long, my poor coworkers have to endure this gross sound, lol. I was hoping morning sickness would skip me, however it hit like a ton of bricks yesterday (6 weeks exactly). I brushed my teeth and puked in the sink. I was nauseous the majority of the day, it was awful. However, today I’m fine!

All these ups and downs and all arounds…. I’m still happy it’s happening to me. Best thing ever! ๐Ÿ˜

Beta testing

Yesterday, Monday 6/4, I had my blood testing done to make sure I am actually pregnant. Hcg was 122 and progesterone was 31! Per the nurse, “you are for sure pregnant, congratulations”, which was the best news! Then proceeded to get a list of things I can not do, lol. Honestly, I am so happy I don’t care about giving up any of those things!

I go again tomorrow, Wednesday, to get the blood work again to make sure it doubles. I feel like everything is going to be great and I am not worried at all! After this next set of bloodwork hopefully I will be able to know when I get an ultrasound.

All exciting stuff. I feel blessed and beyond thankful.

Beach trip

I had the most glorious time at Rockaway beach last weekend. It was beautiful, sunny, warm, and full of friends. The dog loved it! He loved the sand, his buddy Crash, the sun, the car ride and seeing all his human friends! This was the first time that I had taken him to the beach, so I was excited to see how he would do. He did great, but wasn’t too fond of the water. I think it was the waves coming in, he would run away from them, which I found cute.

Here are some photos of the trip.

5dpiui #2

I feel different after this IUI than I do the first one.

As of today, I have had the following:

-BLOAT! Oof, this is awful!

-Dizziness.. which honestly was very, very minimal and occurred yesterday for several hours.

-Nausea. Which is normally first thing in the morning when I get my first cup of coffee.

-Night sweats. I believe this is from the Letrozole since I have had it basically every night since I first took this medication.

-CM – after my first cycle, I had ZERO. After this cycle I am back to normal and perhaps even more.


All of these, I am guessing, are from the trigger shot. Its still super early to feel anything from pregnancy. I did have some low cramping this evening and hoping this is from implantation! It only lasted maybe 10-15 minutes.

This weekend I am going to the beach with some friends, their kids and my dog. I am hoping this helps me relax and helps pass the time, the TWW is always torture. I am keeping my everything crossed in hopes I am pregnant โค